Astrophotography Workshops

Have you ever wanted to learn how to photograph the beautiful & vast universe that surrounds us? If so, you came to the right place!  Sean Parker is an award-winning professional photographer based in Tucson, and he holds workshops at Spencer’s Observatory!

Overview:  This is a workshop where we will explore the art of wide-field landscape Astrophotography and Deep Space Photography (through telescopes). This is a 1 or 2-night workshop depending on which areas you want to explore. I recommend signing up for both nights as you will get a more comprehensive introduction to Astrophotography.

The first night is the Deep Space workshop at Spencer’s Observatory. You will learn how to track and photograph the night sky through a high quality telescope and star tracker. I will show you how the earth’s rotation can reveal different parts of the night sky and different times of the year, and how to capture these images. We will meet at the Observatory at 6pm, starting off discussing camera settings & other valuable pre-shoot information, and then photographing in the field using the Celestron 14’’ telescope for a total workshop time of approximately 6-8 hours.

The second night of the workshop will be held in a pre-selected location in the Sonoran Desert. A location like this one yields the most stunning photographs, and sets the backdrop for a truly dramatic composition. We will meet at 8pm and go over the necessary equipment, as well as the camera settings needed for night photography. When the Milky Way starts to rise around midnight, we will spend 3 to 4 hours working with different techniques such as painting with light, star trail composition, and much more!


Location: The workshop is located in a remote dark sky location in the Sonoran Desert. This area in Southern Arizona is famous for its clear, unobstructed view of the stars above. A location like this one yields the most stunning photographs, and sets the backdrop for truly dramatic compositions. The geology and surrounding desert foliage sets the stage for mind blowing opportunities to explore your creativity through a lens.


For more information on these workshops and dates, contact Sean Parker.