Star Guides

Robby Tackett, Star Guide & Observatory Manager

Robby Tackett is one of the Star Guides for Spencer’s Observatory and is an independent scholar of astronomy. He has owned telescopes for about 20 years, and reads everything he can get his hands on about the subject.



Ed Eastburn, Star Guide

Edward Eastburn has been an active amateur astronomer for the past 40 years using telescopes ranging in size from 3 to 40 inches.  He has observed all the planets of our solar system and specializes in constellation folklore, binary stars, edge on galaxies and integrating telescope operations with computer/tables.  Prior to coming to Spencer’s Observatory, Edward worked for 7 years as the Nightly Observing Manager at Kitt Peak National Optical Observatory, AZ operating the professional telescopes and scientific instruments and as the Assistant Director of the Clearance T. Jones Observatory & Planetarium in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  When not observing the stars, Edward works as a Professional Geologist for Pima County.

EPE & telescope.JPG